Your Brand

Your brand is what you stand for – define it, build it, market it

Your brand isn’t about how your logo looks – although your logo may well be part of the process.

It’s much more subjective than that. It’s about how you are perceived in the market, by your customers, your potential customers, your suppliers, your stakeholders, your employees and your competitors.

Your brand is about creating reasons why prospects buy from you. It’s about identifying discernible differences between you and your competition. It is everything you stand for as an organisation; it’s the personality of your company and it needs to be effectively communicated in a consistent way.

In communicating your brand, you need to be consistent in your deliverance.

A corporate identity manual establishing correct use of your logo, strapline and company colours can help as a control point for internal users and external suppliers.

But your brand definition also extends internally to your employee handbook, internal newsletter, intranet or social media policy – your employees perception matters and it is to them you look to as ambassadors of the brand.

For your customers and suppliers, building your brand is intrinsic in every touch-point you give them – from the way the phone is answered, how your sales team engage, how they are greeted in reception to how they view your facility, your product and your after-sales.

Building a brand takes time, belief and consistency. Successful brand building inspires feelings of confidence, trust, value and quality. It creates a customer experience.

Marketingesp can help you look at who you are, how you are perceived and what you have to offer. This is turn will help you identify and define your message, build it and market it.

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