Exhibition Stand Staff Training

Your exhibition stand staffers are your company ambassadors – develop their skills, train them and they will deliver.

Communication with exhibition visitors starts 20 feet from your exhibition stand. You have 3 – 5 seconds to grab attention. Your exhibition stand staff are crucial to your exhibition success.

Having invested time and money in planning and promoting your exhibition participation, you need your stand staff to deliver on their objectives and maximise your performance. Choose your people carefully and train them. Tell them why you are exhibiting, your exhibiting objectives, what you expect of them and how you expect them to do it.

You might want to consider a specific exhibition stand staff development session.

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A major reason visitors attend an exhibition is to source new ideas, products and suppliers. Narrowing down the search for a preferred supplier is also another major reason. A third of visitors use exhibitions to ultimately make their purchase decision.

For these reasons your exhibition stand staff need to understand why they are exhibiting and what is expected of them. The exhibition environment is a highly visible one where eyes and ears are everywhere. Your stand staff need to understand that their behaviour and conduct is as much on show as your products or services. They need to buy-in to the process and own it; you’ll then start to see a real tangible difference to your overall event performance.  

A pre-show briefing is a prerequisite to exhibiting success

Conducting a pre-show briefing enables you to communicate your exhibiting strategy to your stand staff. Your briefing session should include:

  • Reasons for exhibiting
  • Your target audience
  • A review of exhibition visitor profiles
  • The personal responsibilities and targets
  • A review the products/services to be exhibited
  • A run through of demonstrations and presentations to be given
  • An explanation of the design of the stand including the graphics
  • An explanation of the enquiry handling procedures
  • A presentation of the sales literature to be used
  • An explanation of any competitions, giveaways or incentives to be used
  • An explanation of the stand dress code
  • A list of all the stand staff including a staff rota and scheduled breaks
  • Show dates, times and venue
  • Catering arrangements
  • Accommodation and transport arrangements
  • Details of off-stand activities 

Your exhibition stand staff need to listen more than talk

Choose your stand staff carefully – it is not always the case that sales people make the best exhibition stand staff. It is a completely different environment to the selling experience they are used to. Good sales people often talk too much and in an exhibition environment, it is the visitor that needs to do the talking.

Develop your exhibition stand staff to ask powerful questions that enable them to engage, qualify, present and close within a pre-determined time span. This process is important so that your stand staff don’t waste time with visitors that are not serious prospects for your product or service.  

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