Email Marketing

Building a 1:1 relationship with your customers and prospects

Email marketing allows you to conduct very sophisticated and targeted campaigns which build a 1:1 relationship with your prospects and customers. It’s also one of the most cost-effective lead generation marketing tools.

Email marketing can be used for several purposes including:

  • Driving traffic to your website through call to actions and links
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Invitations to company events
  • Keeping customers up to date with news and events
  • Communicating news, case studies and announcements to different groups

Emailing relevant, well-written emails on a regular basis to subscibers or lists can increase your prospect to customer conversion. It can also build on the relationship you have with a customer by keeping them informed periodically.

Promotional email marketing should always have a purpose to it – so all email marketing campaigns designed by Marketingesp include at least three calls to actions. These are usually a link to a relevant page on your website, an email address and / or a phone number.

Benefits of email marketing include:

  • Data collection allowing for targeted one-to-one relationship building
  • More cost-effective than traditional direct marketing print
  • Easy tracking of responses with a multitude of software applications available
  • Availability of statistics for number of messages sent, undeliverables, message opens, opt-in, opt-out and forwards
  • Management of your opt-in database of customers and prospects using web-based email database software

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