Website Optimisation

Getting your target audience to visit your website

Having a great looking website is one thing. Getting visitors to your website is quite another. Getting the right visitors and converting them into prospects and customers is the challenge facing all website owners.

Marketingesp works with clients to provide the following services:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    Getting to the top of Google (or at least the first page) is everyone’s dream but there are a few activities that the best performing websites conduct to ensure their position

    • Writing keyword rich copy to provide relevant content for Google and other search engines
    • Refreshing the content of the site with new, relevant and interesting information
    • Conducting link building activities to gain a position of influence
    • Using blogging and social sharing of content to build your influence and importance
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
    Whether it’s Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or another PPC advertising platform, the quality and content of your advert has a direct impact on its performance. Our objective in delivering PPC campaigns is to ensure our clients spend the minimum to achieve the maximum result

    • Pay-per-click advertising is often used in competitive markets to gain exposure
    • It’s also used to gain exposure while other SEO activities take effect in the rankings
    • For brand new domain names, PPC is a useful tool to attract traffic while the new site is being indexed

To find out more about using Search Engine Optimisation techniques and Pay-Per-Click advertising, call Marketingesp on 01455 886400 or email us here.